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Portage is a catalyst of immuno-oncology research and development, with subsidiary companies developing immunotherapies to augment response in immunogenic tumors, and help initiate response in non-immunogenic tumors. Our portfolio includes antibodies, small molecules and protein therapeutics delivered by novel intratumoral formulations, nanoparticles, liposomes, and virus-like particles.

There is a significant unmet need to better serve patients who do not respond to existing checkpoints, and we seek subsidiaries that develop novel treatments to improve responses to these therapies.


Amphiphilic Formulations




DNA aptamers

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Portage Pharmaceuticals Limited

Portage Pharmaceuticals LTD. is developing innovative cell permeable peptide (CPP) therapies to normalize gene expression, restore protein function, and improve medical outcomes. The Company has spun out its lead asset, PPL-003, to ophthalmic indications and has licensed this CellPorter technology to EyGen, a new ophthalmic company. Portage fully owns Portage Pharmaceuticals LTD.

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Sentien Biotechnologies

Sentien Biotechnologies is a clinical-stage company developing a first-in-class extracorporeal bioreactor to treat patients with systemic inflammatory diseases. The Company has initiated a Phase I/II trial for their lead product candidate, SBI-101, in acute kidney injury. This product works in tandem with dialysis by adding MSC-derived secretions into patients’ blood without directly exposing patients to therapeutic cells. Portage has a minority investment in Sentien. To learn more, click here.