Portage Pharmaceuticals Limited

About Portage Pharmaceuticals Limited

Portage Pharmaceuticals Limited (“PPL”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Portage Biotech that is developing CellPorter™, a cell penetrating peptide that can be used to deliver large molecules into cells, through the blood brain barrier, and throughout the body.  CellPorter™ can allow drug developers to make drugs against new therapeutic targets, to revive drugs whose development stalled due to delivery concerns, and to exploit decades of research on peptide design.  By opening up a new landscape of therapeutic targets, CellPorter™ enables drug developers to address a wide range of pathologies, including cancers, infections, cardiovascular and metabolic disease, and others.

PPL’s lead program focuses on the development of PPL-003, a CellPorter™ conjugated anti-inflammatory peptide targeting NFkB.  PPL-003 was shown to have superior physicochemical and pharmacodynamic properties compared to a Penetratin using the same peptide.  PPL has recently demonstrated in animal models strong anti-inflammatory activity of PPL-003 eye drops in both anterior chamber and vitreal inflammation.  Furthermore, PPL has recently demonstrated the efficacy of PPL-003 eye drops in a rat model of Dry Eye Disease (DED).   PPL believes that the key role of NFkB in the inflammatory process makes it likely that PPL-003 will not only have strong efficacy but will avoid the severe side effects of steroids like glaucoma and cataracts.  PPL-003 will be developed for Anterior Uveitis and Dry Eye Disease.

Portage Pharmaceuticals Limited Board of Directors and Senior Management

  • Declan Doogan, MD

    Declan Doogan, MD


    Dr. Declan Doogan has over 30 years of industry experience in both major pharma and biotech. He was the Senior Vice-President and Head of Worldwide Development at Pfizer, where many multibillion dollar programs were delivered (e.g., Viagra, Lipitor and Zoloft). He has held a number of executive positions in Pfizer in the US, the UK and Japan. Since leaving Pfizer in 2007 he has been engaged in executive roles in small pharma. Declan was CMO and acting CEO of Amarin (AMRN: Nasdaq), transforming it from a failing Neuroscience company to a vibrant cardiovascular company with a market capitalization of over one billion dollars before his departure. He has also been Chief Medical Officer for Prometheus Laboratories, a molecular diagnostics company in San Diego. Declan is also an investor in emerging biotechnology and technology companies. He holds a number of Board appointments, principally in pharma companies, and has also held professorships positions at Harvard School of Public Health, Glasgow University Medical School and Kitasato University (Tokyo). Declan received his medical degree from Glasgow University in 1975. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and the Faculty Pharmaceutical Medicine and holds a Doctorate of Science at the University of Kent in the UK.

  • Kamlesh Shah, CPA

    Kamlesh Shah, CPA

    Chief Financial Officer and Director

    Kam Shah is a senior finance executive with over 25 years of financial and management experience across a range of industries and companies with significant operating scale and complexity. Kam is a Certified Public Accountant and Chartered Global Management Accountant of the American Institute of CPAs and a Chartered Professional Accountant of the Canadian Institute of CPAs. He has experience in all aspects of corporate finance, including audits, SEC/OSC reporting, forecasting, and business plan development.

    Over the past 15 years, Kam has served as the Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary of Bontan Corporation Inc., a publicly-listed group of companies engaged in biotechnology and oil and gas exploration.  Kam is also the Chief Financial Officer of SalvaRx Group PLC, and its subsidiary, iOx Therapeutics Ltd.

  • Greg Bailey, MD

    Greg Bailey, MD


    Gregory Bailey is a co-founder and managing partner of MediqVentures.

    Previously he was a managing partner of Palantir Group, Inc., a merchant bank involved in a number of biotech company startups and financings. Palantir was also involved in acquiring intellectual property assets and founding companies around the IP.

    As such Greg was the co-founder of Ascent Healthcare Solutions, VirnetX Inc. (VHC:AMEX), Portage Biotech Inc. (PTGEF: OTCBB) and DuraMedic Inc. He was the initial financier and an independent director of Medivation, Inc. (MDVN:NASDAQ), from 2005 to December 2012.

    Dr. Bailey served as the Managing Director and co-Head of Life Sciences at MDB Capital Group LLC from May 2004 to December 2006.

    Greg has served on the board of directors of multiple public companies.

    Greg practiced emergency medicine for 10 years before entering finance. He received his medical degree from the University of Western Ontario.

  • Bruce Littman, MD

    Bruce Littman, MD

    Chief Executive Officer and Director 

    Dr. Littman has over 30 years of research and drug development experience.  He was Vice President and Global Head of Translational Medicine at Pfizer and also has a strong academic background in immunology, rheumatology and inflammation.  His skill set is particularly suited to developing de-risking strategies and using an understanding of how drugs behave in the body to evaluate early drug candidates. He has an excellent track record in early clinical development. After retiring from Pfizer at the end of 2007 he became an independent consultant.  Prior to that, he served for 13 years on the faculty of Virginia Commonwealth University’s Medical College of Virginia. He is an author and co-editor of “Translational Medicine and Drug Discovery” published in 2011 by Cambridge University Press.

  • Frank Marcoux, Ph D

    Frank Marcoux, Ph D

    Chief Scientific Officer and Director

    Dr. Marcoux has over 25 years of pharmaceutical company and academic research experience. He was the VP of Quantitative and Innovative Medicine in WW Development at Pfizer and former VP WW Discovery Biology Discipline Head until 2008 when he became an independent consultant. Previously he worked for Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical Research, for seventeen years. Dr. Marcoux’s consulting focus is on high confidence translation of drug discovery programs to early clinical proof of concept and is aimed at biotech, pharma and academic medical centres. Dr. Marcoux holds a Ph.D. in Physiology and Biophysics and has held research positions prior to industry at Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital, University of Alabama, Birmingham, Medical Center, and at the University of Vermont, College of Medicine.