Nanolipogel (NLG) technology, invented in the lab of Dr. Tarek Fahmy at Yale University, allows different combinations of drugs to be encapsulated in a single nanomedicine and delivered selectively to the tumor microenvironment, thus potentially minimizing systemic side-effects.  NLG technology possesses the unusual feature of accommodating drugs with very different physical and chemical properties, thus allowing them to be transported to, and released, at the disease site in a coordinated manner.  Saugatuck Therapeutics Ltd (“Saugatuck”) which has acquired an exclusive license from Yale University for use of the NLG platform for delivering DNA aptamers and certain aptamer-based combination products. 

SalvaRx has also signed a letter of intent with D5 Pharma Inc. (“D5”), a Toronto-based company spun out of the Sunnybrook Research Institute, which shall provide Saugatuck with an anti-PD1 aptamer for initial pilot animal experiments in the NLG formulation.  Subject to certain milestones being met, including the results of the experiments, SalvaRx will invest in D5 and also form Oncomer Limited, (“Oncomer”) a new company that will have the rights to use D5’s aptamer creation platform for use in immuno-oncology applications.