• Portage Biotech

    Portage is a biotechnology company focused on developing best-in-class or first-in-class therapeutics. Portage works with founder scientists in order to bring their discoveries to proof-of-concept and monetization
  • Biohaven Pharmaceuticals

    Biohaven Pharmaceuticals is Portage’s biggest holding. Biohaven is a clinical-stage company developing compounds that modulate the glutamatergic system.
  • Portage Pharmaceuticals Limited

    Portage Pharmaceuticals Limited is a fully owned subsidiary that has developed Cellporter®, a novel, fully-human cell penetrating peptide platform. Cellporter can deliver peptide and large molecule cargos into cells, opening up new targets for drug discovery

About Portage Pharmaceuticals Limited and EyGen Limited

Portage Pharmaceuticals Limited (“PPL”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Portage Biotech that is developing CellPorter™, a cell penetrating peptide that can be used to deliver large molecules into cells, through the blood brain barrier, and throughout the

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Sentien Biotechnologies, Inc.

Sentien Biotechnologies is a Boston-based company developing an extracorporeal bioreactor for the treatment of acute kidney injury.

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Portage Biotech

Portage Biotech, Inc. is a pharmaceutical company that identifies, finances, and develops best-in-class or first-in-class early-to-mid stage products.

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